Nutrigen Kids’ Nutrigenomics are personalized nutritional supplements providing unique solutions for the different needs of your children.

For years to years, Nutrigen has been optimum nourishing and preparing your children for healthy tomorrows.

The challenge of tomorrows is not only limited for health problems such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancers and etc. Additionally, tough competition, overcrowded and unemployment are waiting your children. Under the lights of this environment, economic value of human being is extremely important.

Nutrigen helps your children to improve their learning ability and cognitive function; prevent against adulthood diseases so may help to increase their economic value. Recent researches exactly show that better nutrition during childhood, more salary earned during adulthood.

Nutrigen proudly presents its priceless gift to your children multilingual flash cards. Nutrigen Multilingual flash cards help your children to learn basic words in four the most common language in the World: English, Spanish, French and Italian

Our Multilingual Flash Cards contain 6 different categories: Fruits, Numbers, Shapes, Colours, Animals and Vehicles. You can also find exact pronunciation of the words in our website.

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